Man discovers girlfriend’s deceitful move while shopping for Weeding Ring (7/8)

How about something simple like ” I know you weren’t with Justine yesterday. What’s going on?”

If she doubles down on Justine the simply say that you know she wasnt. Who was she with?

If she gets in your face and insists then you should know that your relationship is in serious trouble. So serious that you then confirm that you were with Justine yesterday. Where were you and why are you lying to me about it?

If she diverts at all about what were you doing with Justine…then you tell her i was getting her help to picknout and engagement ring for us. But now i’m thinking im an idiot for doing that.

Then get up…ask her to get her story straight and leave until she comes clean.

Warning…she may try to make it some kind of surprise for you…trust but verify.

If shes cheating then you have matrixed yourself out of a bullet.

What do you think?

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