Jacob Boynton-Whiting, who has a mental illness, stabbed his mother to death after she sought help

A “loving, caring and wonderful” mother is brutally stabbed to death by her son after he descended into a downward spiral of conspiracy theories and alternative drugs.

On June 22 last year, 22-year-old Jacob Boynton-Whiting attacked his dedicated mother, Sally Boynton, 44, who cried for help for her son as she witnessed his mental health deteriorate.

Poynton-Whiting appeared at Truro Crown Court for sentencing via video link from the Langdon Psychiatric Unit in Dawlish in Devon after pleading guilty to manslaughter by reducing liability and causing grievous bodily harm related to his younger brother’s injury while desperately trying to help him. my mom.

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The tragic incident occurred at Crowlas near Penzance.

Sean Brunton, QC, who is bringing the case, said, “In a sudden, inexplicable outburst Jacob Boynton-Whiting broke into a home and stabbed his mother to death and seriously injured his younger brother.

Sally died almost instantly from knife wounds to her neck, stomach, and leg. The attack was unprovoked and unexpected and can only be attributed to Jacob’s mental health breakdown. He did not attempt to flee the scene. Upon arrest he was mute, sometimes smiling. He has been held in Langdon ever since.”

Brunton described how Sally’s father and Boynton Whiting separated and there was a family history of a toxic relationship between the two. Despite this, Sally and her two sons remained close and happy until Boynton Whiting’s mental health deteriorated.

Mr. Brunton said: “Jacob, born in 1999, was an intelligent and inquisitive child. Sally was afraid of the boys’ father Matthew Whiting who was abusive and the boys sometimes watched unpleasant scenes. It was clearly traumatic for both boys and Jacob’s father gave him marijuana to smoke.”

After years of tension and tension, the two sides were completely divided. Sally struck up a relationship with a retired GP and Jacob and Elijah had a good relationship. Jacob did well in GCSE and was happy and hard working in catering. He’s been on good terms with his family and these have been reasonably happy years.”

In 2018, when Boynton Whiting went to study baking and pastry at the University of Birmingham, things started to go wrong.

He was robbed and, believing that his friend had set it up, Boynton Whiting began smoking weed heavily.

He began to become interested in alternative lifestyles and seemed restless. He became fascinated by conspiracy theories and the world of alternative drugs and traveled to Germany and Peru to learn more.

During this time, Boynton-Whiting’s brother and father noticed that he was mentally ill and derailed.

He neglected himself, made himself unemployed, slept on the floor and was violent at times with his mother.

Mr Brunton added: “Sally was loving, reasonable and kind to her son. She had just finished her second year at Falmouth University. Regardless of her concerns about Jacob she was happy.”

Boynton Whiting was briefly detained in the Longreach Mental Illness Unit in Redroth, but was released without a diagnosis and a clear support plan. He was removed from the mental health services list when he failed to respond to follow-up messages.

Mr. Brunton said: “Sally struggled in vain to diagnose and treat Jacob. He acted strangely and antisocially but there were no signs of what was going to happen.”

At 6:30 a.m. on June 22, noticing Elijah Boynton-Whiting knocking on the window, they let him in. He turned to use the bathroom and less than a minute later he heard a scream from his mother’s room.

Sally was stabbed but Elijah bravely intervened and locked his brother outside, and was badly wounded in the leg by a 21cm bladed knife that Boynton Whiting was holding.

When Elijah tried to call the emergency services, he heard a bang. Boynton Whiting had forced himself in through the window, cut his mother’s throat and wrapped her in a curtain.

Police response units appeared and Boynton Whiting was seen on the steps in front of the house.

He was calm and calm and remained silent during the interview process apart from asking to use the toilet and occasionally smiling and laughing.

The court heard a series of poignant victim statements from Sally’s loved ones.

Father Robert Boynton described his daughter as “loving, caring and wonderful” and someone who brings joy to life every day.

He added, “She was an excellent artist and creator. She was fascinated by science. If Jacob had received treatment earlier, Sally would still be with us today. Why was it not taken seriously? “

It was a relief, he said, that Sally received a posthumous diploma from the university.

Hugh Marshall, Sally’s partner, said: “She loved life but above all loved her sons and always did her best to protect them. Until the end she loved them and in the end gave up her life for Jacob.”

She died doing what she always does, trying to protect her sons. Sally didn’t want the wrath of revenge, she wanted Jacob to have the help she so desperately requested.”

Ilya said that he misses his mother very much and that she is not only his mother but also a friend because they have similar interests and spent a lot of time together. He says he is dumbfounded when he thinks of when his brother will be released and that the scars on his leg remind him of the bloody scene every day.

He said: Jacob was a wonderful human being, and he was the best brother I could ever ask of. He was damaged by his mental health condition and let down by mental health services. My mom desperately asked for help, but she felt let down over and over again. I was broken because my mother asked Jacob for help.”

Judge Simon Carr said in the ruling: “On June 22 you killed your mother and seriously injured your younger brother. I was 22 at the time and was really very ill.

“I was in a very psychotic state when I came to your mother’s property armed with a big knife. Your brother let you in and heard the screaming afterwards. Showing great courage he pushed you away and got you out but you forced your way back through a broken window. It was a short and brutal attack.”

“Sally was only 44 years old at the time of her death and she was smart, pregnant and very devoted to her sons. It was clear to her and the others that you weren’t feeling well.

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“She did everything she could to support you and although your behavior was intimidating, she never gave up on you.”

Judge Carr added Boynton-Whiting has now been diagnosed with schizophrenia, which has led to paranoia and a distorted view of society.

Then he talked about how the Poynton-Whiting split had made no progress.

Poynton-Whiting was sentenced to a hospital order, which means he will remain in a safe psychiatric facility until it is considered safe to return to the community.

Judge Carr closed the hearing by expressing his sympathy to Sally’s friends and family for the loss of such a loved one.

Detective Sgt. Neg Green, of the Devon and Cornwall Police Major Crimes Investigative Team, said: “Sally’s family and friends had to endure a tragic loss imaginable and in the worst of circumstances. I would like to thank them for their gracious assistance in the investigation and my thoughts and those of the entire investigative team are with them at this time.”

“I think this is the best outcome in the circumstances to enable Jacob to receive the help he needs.”


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