14 Popular Cooking Tips That People Claim Are Actually BS


My husband thought that you needed to put a lid on everything to "trap the flavor." I kept trying to tell him that he's essentially just steaming, overcooking, diluting, & ruining the texture of the food! I want crispy, browned, & concentrated flavors with a tender center but it comes out like watery rubber


Cookies: "bake until golden brown"

The cookie sheet will stay hot after it leaves the oven and keep baking the cookies for a minute or so. If you want soft cookies, it's better to take them out when only the edges look golden brown and let them keep cooking outside of the oven.


Every baking recipe I've seen has you add spices with the dry ingredients. It's so much more flavorful if you add them with the butter and even more so if toast or gently fry them first. You can even use the microwave for this, cook just until fragrant.

Also, all my chocolate stuff got better when I realized that cocoa is a spice. Oil-soluble flavenoids.


I love making omelets. I've watched a lot of videos on people making omelets. Some say you beat the eggs with a fork. You must use a fork! Others say do not use a fork, use a whisk!

It's funny to watch different experts directly contradict one another. I've used both, and don't see any difference. But the way I like best, is to put them in a jar and shake them up.

I've made thousands of omelets, and don't think I will ever make one that is perfect.

Some cooks you should use a low heat. Others say you start with a high heat and let the eggs cool the pan down as it cooks. Some say the omelette is perfect when there is a little brown on the surface. Others say eggs should never be cooked to the point of browning.

So many contradictions, so many different ways.


I’ve heard that when forming the raw patties, indenting the middle (so it takes the shape of a red blood cell) prevents the burger from shrinking during the cooking process. Seems to work and then there’s less urge to press the burger down to flatten it back out which I think is why a lot of people do that

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